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As a shareholder, Daoura is currently represented in the Spanish, French, German and other emerging Fintech markets as well as the gaming and app development industries.

Additional activity includes the purchase and leasing of computer equipment to data centres, as well as the ownership and trade of premium domains.


Technology is at the forefront of what we do.

We are an investment vehicle that invests in the latest tech solutions and gets informed on the latest trends, innovations and developments. We actively hunt investment opportunities in niche tech companies that solve problems through the use of unique technologies and methodologies.

Trying to grow a startup into a successful company is hard enough. We know this very well at Daoura. This is why we aim to help startups through every step of their life cycle. From realizing their MVP and initial market exposure, to testing and refining their product, even pivoting their business if deemed necessary. Daoura seeks to support fast growing companies through adequate financing and know-how coupled with network exposure.

Our primary aim is to assist companies which innovate in their sectors. Companies that bring forward the power of proprietary app technologies as well as data usage. Businesses that provide unique solutions to everyday problems and possess strong competitive advantages through the use of innovation technologies.

Notable Investments

Here are the latest projects Daoura is involved in. Click on the projects to read more and make sure you check back as this section will be updated regularly.

Quicket Aug, 2018

Quicket GmbH

Psico Dec, 2019

Psico Smart Apps S.L.

Majelan Dec, 2019


Marcandita Dec, 2019

Marcandita S.L.

GameClosure May, 2020


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